Messenger Endorses Latexo ISD Bond

By Kelly Nicol

Messenger Editor

When my wife and I purchased The Messenger a little over a year and a half ago, our decision was based on our desire to live in this area and deliver the news in a positive light in order to promote the great things about this community.  

The center of all communities of our size is always our schools.  As a graduate of Grapeland High School, a parent of children who have attended  Latexo ISD, a board member at Latexo ISD, a wife who is employed by Crockett ISD and through reporting news and working with all the area districts, I have had a unique perspective of all our schools. 

The common denominator of all the schools is that our educators truly care about our children. They work long hours, they bring home our children’s pain and cry, and they celebrate their accomplishments with them as if they were their own children.   

As rural districts, board members and administrators stretch every penny in order to provide the best education possible for our children, we as a community should do all we can to support these efforts by all of our local schools.

 In this particular case, Latexo ISD is asking the voters to approve a bond that will allow them to build a gym, a lunch room at the Elementary, and a Career Technology Education (CTE) wing to add to the High School.   

The gym will provide much needed space to allow families to come out and see their children compete in athletic activities, the homecoming coronation, community get-togethers and to finally have a place of their own to hold graduation ceremonies.  

The lunch room will allow the children a place to eat that will free up their activity room for PE and organizing pickup for school dismissal.  Currently tables are wheeled in and out of this room where the children spill food and drinks as kids will do, which leads to many other problems.  

The CTE wing of the high school addresses a major need at Latexo.  Not every child needs or even wants to go to college after high school.  The Career Technology Education wing will provide space to expand programs that give students certifications to go out and gain employment right out of high school.  Current programs at the school now are Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Tech, and other medical related fields as well as welding and other Ag related training certifications.  

Latexo’s plan is to expand its CTE program to meet its growing popularity.

The unique thing about this bond is that the school is retiring the bond from the Elementary this year and is asking for the same amount for this new project.  The result is that it will not increase the amount the tax payers have been paying. 

The Messenger encourages everyone to support all our schools which help develop our greatest asset, our children.  

If you live in the Latexo Independent School District and you haven’t voted yet, go to the poll in your precinct and vote FOR the bond.  Do it for the kids.

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