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Weekly Bible Commentary 4-29


By Wes Woodard

Genesis 39 – “Joseph Is Blessed by God in Egypt”

 First, in Potiphar’s house Joseph worked his way up to “Controller of all Potiphar Owned.”  Secondly, after being falsely accused of a sexual crime (Sound familiar?), he was put into prison and once again rose to the top. The last verse of this chapter says, “The Chief Jailer did not supervise anything under Joseph’s charge because the Lord was with him, and whatever he did, the Lord made to prosper.” (v. 23 N.A.S.V.) God will bless His Chosen People (the Jews) even though they do not know Him personally today.

To me, the greatest example of this was a German Jewish scientist named Albert Einstein who helped develop the atomic bomb which allowed the United States of America to defeat the Japanese Empire and end WWII. It was a great day for all Americans!  Robert Oppenheimer is a second example of a Jewish scientist whose parents had immigrated to America from Germany!  Oppenheimer was the lead physicist on the “Manhattan Project” which produced the first test atomic bomb detonated successfully at Los Alamos, N.M.!  !  I can still remember V-J Day and people driving around Houston honking their vehicle’s horn!  It was a great day! Praise God for the Jewish People!

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