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THE WEEKENDER: Dizzy and Confused


By Clyde Black


 I can’t decide who to pick on tonight.  There is so much in the news that it’s hard to decide which is the most ridiculous that gets dumped on us.  Is California really deciding to break into three states?  They better hurry before they split in half and slide into the Pacific!  They always cast their electoral votes to the Democratic Party candidate and liberal causes so guys like me say please split.  Hurry up!  This whole sanctuary city silliness originated out there.  Mayors, cities and governors out there decide which laws they want to follow and which they do not.  Thanks California for setting such a great example for young people to follow.  If you don’t like a law just disregard it is their creed and example.  If you wonder why they seem to lead the country in stupidity just look at their leader.  Governor Jerry Brown is probably one of the few people still around who could actually tell us about Woodstock except his brain is so fried he can’t remember. 

 Then there is the FBI. What a national disgrace their leadership has become.   Quite frankly, as a former Houston Police Officer, I never really trusted them.  I can’t speak to recent years but in the old days they were very hard to work with.  Law enforcement should share info but as a Houston cop most of us knew when they showed up they wanted our information but never shared what they had!  I think it’s because of those days that I still don’t trust anyone who is secretive or sneaky or very, very private. This guy Comey is a joke. How did anyone that wimpy ever rise to the leadership position of the FBI?  Excerpts from his new book say he was dizzy and confused and emotional and felt like crying from the tender words of Robert Mueller. 

 I had no idea you could stack slime as high a 6’8” and make it director of the FBI.  He is a liar and a partisan Democrat dedicated to protecting the Clintons and has disgraced the agency he led. 

But, then again, I’m just the Weekender.  God please help us!

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