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HORACE MCQUEEN: Staying in the Loop


Thanks to the folks that make Wrangler jeans — and other denim clothing — cotton farmers are getting some increased recognition. The blue jean company will offer a new line of jeans next fall made of 100 percent cotton with a “grown in USA” tag.

More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from, and who grew it. Now add what we wear to that list.

Old “Rover” may prove to be more than just a wonderful pet. He may offer some tax savings. J.C. Hobbs with Oklahoma State University says a working farm dog can be depreciated on the tax return as a seven-year property. Also vet, food and other expenses for the working dog are eligible for tax savings.

To qualify, the family pet must have a business use of 50 percent or more. Horses used on the farm or ranch also qualify for depreciation over three to seven years, depending on the age when placed in service. The new Farmers Tax Guide published by the IRS has additional information about deductions for farm animals. Give it a try — saving even a few dollars at tax time makes good sense!

A farm pond provides a place where livestock can drink — and often provides good fishing. Catfish in the pond or tank still need nutrition over the winter months. Without a winter feeding program, catfish can lose up to 10% of their weight. Simplest way to feed is buy floating catfish food and scatter in the water. After the fish start taking the pellets, give them enough to last ten minutes. A floating feeding area can be made out of four pieces of PVC pipe forming a square and the pellets thrown into the contraption. Once the fish figure out that food is available, it’s fun to watch their feeding frenzy as they churn the water.

Forest landowners mark Wednesday December 6th for an interesting program at the Trinity-Neches Forest Landowners Association meeting at the Cherokee County Electric Co-op. The Co-op is located north of Rusk on Highway 69. Topics to be covered include invasive species, Federal and State cost share programs, and pond construction and management. The TNFLA serves forest landowners in Anderson, Cherokee, Freestone, Henderson, Houston, Leon and Van Zandt Counties. Registration starts at 8:30 A.M. and the meeting gets underway at 9.


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