THE WEEKENDER: “Crockett Lions Club PRCA Rodeo”

By Clyde Black

[email protected]

In a few short weeks it will be Rodeo time in Houston County! The Crockett Lions Club brings this great event to Crockett every year. The rodeo is true American history in presentation in today’s world. To earn money the cowboys and cowgirls pay to enter and must win their events for any pay. There are no guaranteed union checks, no affirmative action and no human resource departments.  They pay their money to ride and hopefully win some money. Some of the rodeos in East Texas have been shut down.  In the last few years the crowds have thinned so this culture and history is being lost to some East Texas communities. Not so here in Houston County!

I read recently that not only is Houston County the first county formed in Texas but more cattle are raised here than anywhere else in the state. This is cowboy country. If you are thinking rodeo and cattle raising is some macho man’s world you are so mistaken. Some of our most knowledgeable and successful cattle operations in the county are run by women. The rodeo is family oriented and patriotic.

Veterans are admitted free on the first night as well as all first responders. Digs into our profits a little but they deserve the recognition.

Speaking of profits. The Lions Club does not raise money for its own use. All of the money we earn goes for scholarships and vision help to our county’s needy. Our board of directors don’t even go to regional Lions functions. Unlike Washington we don’t abuse our offices. All of our profits earned at the Rodeo go back into the community. Having said all that, we need your help. Come to the rodeo and even volunteer to help. We welcome your ideas on how we might make it more fun for you. I would suggest you even join the Lions Club. It’s a great way to give back a little to the community. You’ll feel younger if you get involved in a good group to provide a good service to the community. It does not cost a bunch to be a Lion and there are many committees on which to serve.

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