Home Columnist HORACE MCQUEEN: Cattle Prices Continue Weak – No End in Sight!

HORACE MCQUEEN: Cattle Prices Continue Weak – No End in Sight!


The weakness in the cattle market is real—and if you have sold cattle recently, your check shows the result. Last week, calf prices were off again as much as $7-$10 a hundred pounds from the previous week. Reasons are varied, depending on who you talk to. The futures market continues to decline, wheat pasture was a wreck for many backgrounders and the uncertainty about the trade agreements with other countries are valid concerns.

Farmers who have the forage and the willingness to carry cattle over for a spell might come out ahead—but who really has a handle on the situation. Meantime the expense of raising cattle continues to mount. Corn is selling for $4 a bushel yet the big grain companies haven’t reduced the price they charge for protein supplements sold to producers. Most of us are blessed with the emergence of some green grazing in pastures and should slow the need to feed additional hay.

Several Texas high schools are offering the opportunity for students to participate in fishing competitions. The Texas High School Bass Association is gaining members and gives our young scholars another sport that is competitive and fun. Here in East Texas a number of high schools have teams that are on area lakes often. These bass fishing clubs often have several two-student teams manning the bass boats and competing for the rights to win and place against other contestants.

In our part of East Texas, a growing number of schools are on board with fishing teams. Frankston, Elkhart, Oakwood, Brownsboro, Athens, Crossroads, Lindale, Whitehouse, Van, and Palestine are among the schools active in the sport.

For more information on the Texas High School Bass Association—and a list of schools participating—the all-encompassing internet is the starting place! In local high schools there are a lot of students who would enjoy the sport. And most probably, there are adults in the community who have bass boats and would offer their help in getting the younger crowd involved in the fishing world. Wet a lure and enjoy the day! There is also another advantage in bass fishing for those who seek college aid. Several Texas colleges are offering scholarships for students who want to participate on their bass fishing teams.


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