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THE WEEKENDER: Communication, Communication, Communication!


By Clyde Black

We’ve been discussing the school shootings and things that various groups and organizations could do to help deter the shootings. Today we will examine some things that law enforcement and legislators might consider. The legislators need to give law enforcement some tools. For a fact cops know who the mentally ill are for the most part. So what. There are no forensic facilities for mentally ill. At least not enough.

Cops can determine along with local judges that someone needs confinement but there are no places for them to go. Other than jail. Very often families call the police or local judges wanting them to pick up the deviant family member. The scenario is usually that the patient is not taking their meds and the family wants a break so they want temporary confinement by the authorities. After a couple of days the patient is back home and the situation begins all over again. A reality is that if the patient is injuring a parent or caregiver or neighbors they probably need to be in jail or a least confined.

As far as I know, there is no communications system available to the police that contains information about subjects who have been handled for mental issues. If a cop stops the Weekender about suspicious behavior wouldn’t it be a good thing if the system warned him that the old Weekender had a long history of mental health issues including threats of violent behavior? If I was a cop I would like to know that but today that system does not exist.

I have heard reports that this idiot in Florida had been reported over and over for bad behavior. Is it 39 times the police were called? What did they do? Just have a nice little conversation and turn him loose! I’m betting that a real policeman could have found out at least 39 reasons for the self-centered killer to be put in jail! Then the system would have known about him. I’m betting liberal police leadership has given orders to take it easy with the mentally challenged and try to avoid any confrontation. In other words, no responsibility for their actions!