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HORACE MCQUEEN: What We Need Is Real Jobs — not talk!


There are lots of jobs that pay well — but for some you have to get your hands dirty. Not everyone is suited for a desk job, coat and tie and shiny shoes. Jobs that offer a good income in our neck of the woods are those involving carpentry, plumbing, welding, auto repairs, and electrical skills.

Biggest problem is getting the right training for these jobs. Working in the shop at the local high school teaches a student a lot about welding and the other skills they can use later in life. But they don’t have the full time teachers who can give the student the time and training they will need to become a true expert at the job they are seeking.

What would be great for our area would be a campus operated by Texas State Technical College. TSTC operates 10 hands-on facilities in Texas. They are located in Abilene, Brownwood, Breckenridge, Fort Bend County, Harlingen, Marshall, North Texas, Sweetwater, Waco and Williamson County. A school near us would offer lots of opportunities for our young men and women high school graduates. It’s time to start that ball rolling and bring a TSTC school to our area.

Grass burrs were a real problem last summer and fall in some hay meadows and pastures. There are some chemicals that can offer relief, but they are pricy. Pastora is for use on Bermuda grass pastures and hay meadows but it will also kill Bahia grass.

Another product is Prowl H20. It keeps the burrs from germinating. (Several other chemical products are marketed for use by homeowners on lawns). Check with your local farm supply store or with chemical suppliers Red River Specialties in Tyler and Jasper or Rozelle Ag in Tyler.


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