Home Columnist Weekly Bible Commentary by Wes Woodard 9-24

Weekly Bible Commentary by Wes Woodard 9-24


Genesis 5 – “The Descendants of Seth”

 In this list are two men who are different than all the others: Enoch and Methuselah. Why are they different? The first one never died! God just took him to Heaven. All it says is that he walked with God.  The second man lived to the age of 969, then he died.

By the Holy Spirit’s power I try to walk with God and I expect to die one day. But, I’m ready because I have been saved by the blood of God’s Lamb, Jesus of Nazareth.

After they bury my body (my spirit having already gone to be with God) it will remain in the grave awaiting the Rapture of all the saints (Christians).

When will that take place?  I do not know. All I know is that I am ready.  Are you?  If not, read John 3:16 today and ask Jesus to save and come into your heart/life.

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