THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black: Cowboy Up

“Cowboy Up”

Please, mark your calendars for May 11, 12, and 13.  Please do it now so you don’t forget.  On May 11th, the Crockett Lions Club kicks off its annual PRCA Rodeo.  This is big folks.  Rodeo defines the essence of all American sport.  Like soccer is too much of the world, rodeo is to America.  Sure some profess football or baseball as our national sport but not this guy.  Rodeo is American.  It dates back to the western spread of our society.  Cowboy skills that were necessary to exist and do a job are now immortalized in sport.  It’s all about strong individualism and personal performance.  Contestants either win, place or show.  If not successful they leave unpaid for their next show.

In rodeo cowboy world, potential winnings are called purses.  The Crockett Lions Club offers some of the best purses in the state.  This means that the very best of the cowboys and cowgirls sign up to come to Crockett.  International contestants and those from all over the country invade Crockett for these three days.  They stay on the grounds and mingle with the crowds during each evening’s performance.  Other sports don’t give fans such close proximity to the pro’s.

 If it’s important to you, you should know that it’s a family friendly event.  Kids love it and also have the opportunity to participate in the calf scramble.  They get in the arena and chase around a calf or goat trying to pull a ribbon from the critter’s tail.  It’s hilarious to watch and the kids love participating.  After many years I’m glad to announce none of the kids have needed counseling because they didn’t win.  They love Rudy Burns the rodeo clown.  Throughout the show each night, this pro interacts with the crowds and kids.  They love the guy.

Personally, I love the demonstration of patriotism demonstrated at the rodeo.  It’s a patriotic theme every night.  Veterans and first responders always get free admittance on Thursday night.  Mike Mathis will once again be the rodeo announcer.

Mike is nationally acclaimed and announces from the arena itself on horseback.  His great voice and patriotic announcements are uplifting and inspiring.

This rodeo is right before Mother’s Day so grab Mom and the kids and come on out to the rodeo.  Thank God for moms and Houston County.

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