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The Weekender – “Kevin Brady, Where Are You?”




Is it true? Are the elections really over? I guess time will tell what our new President will accomplish. Personally, the Strong Woman and I need some help with our insurance costs and could use some tax reform. Do you young folks know that when you start getting Social Security that those payments to you of your own money will be taxed again? Look on your payroll checks and you will see that your contributions to SS are taxed as income. Then when you retire and hope for a check you’ll find it’s taxed again. Come on, Representative Kevin Brady. What the hell are you doing for us? Is there anyone in Houston County who can tell me what he’s done for us? He’s got a huge campaign fund as a favorite of the RNC and holds one of the most powerful positions in the Congress. He claims to be fighting for us and espouses the things we believe in. However, I’d like to see him win at least one fight. Congressman Brady, if you were at the Alamo we’d be speaking Spanish.

Congressman, I voted for you every time you’ve run except the last time? I’ll tell you why. When you controlled the budget you did nothing to challenge President Obama and when I asked you about impeachment you took the RNC line of not offending the first black President. “We would not be popular”, you said. I would have treated him as a man and held him as responsible as a white man. I told you at a public meeting that our CDL holders were treated unfairly because federal regs hold them more responsible than other regular driver’s license holders. Justices of the Peace have options to help Class C holders when they get tickets. Those options of help are not available to CDL holders. We have a lot of good truck drivers in Houston County and East Texas. If they get a ticket driving their personal vehicle to church on Sunday they are held to a higher standard than others and their ability to produce an income and hold their jobs is affected. In order to get federal highway dollars our state is required to hold these standards against our neighbors who have a CDL license.

When I pointed this out to you at a public meeting in Houston County the crowd gave an ovation and you seemed interested. Nothing has come from you!! You’ve been talking about tax reform for years. I’m ready to see some results. Thanks. God Bless Houston County.