Crockett WalMart Manager Jailed!

Eight Hours, $8,000 Fine
By Teresa Holloway
Messenger Reporter
CROCKETT – Crockett WalMart Manager Albert Morgan was jailed Oct. 7. Morgan maintains his innocence, however, claiming the store is ‘just trying to help’. Morgan donned a happy rabbit costume to keep his spirits up while incarcerated.
Morgan and his WalMart crew are participating in a Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser and the normally kinetic manager found himself cooling his heels inside a makeshift cell while good hearted residents each donated $1 or more to keep him there for one more minute.
“We’ve only been at this for two hours, and we’ve already received about $480 in donations,” Morgan smiled. “It’s a long way from the goal, but we will get there.”
His assistant managers are holding back their money, according to AM Kimberlee Kassaw, just in case they need it to keep Morgan in jail longer. She enlisted the help of Assistant Managers Randy Hinton and James Trammel for the express purpose of maintaining security over Morgan.
Sitting still is a sacrifice for Morgan, as any WalMart customer knows. The manager can be seen racing through the store hundreds of times each day, but Morgan says the cause is definitely worth the forced stillness.
The store crew is determined to raise more than $8,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. The money will go to the Houston hospital, “That’s the closest CMN to Crockett,” Kassaw said.
Morgan and Kassaw explained the store will participate in the fundraiser with the $8,000 goal until Oct. 16. Money can be donated at any register or customer service, she said.
Morgan will only be in ‘jail’ until 6 p.m., though. Don’t be worried – his assistant managers were seen slipping contraband items, crackers and water, through the bars.
Crackers and water … might be a good time for a raise, eh, Morgan?
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