‘If you eat, you are involved in agriculture.” Let’s give thanks to those farmers who provide our food. Now, a story about one of those farmers — not a rich man in his bank account, but rich in his soul and being.

“He never finished school, but he finished every job he ever started.

He grew his own food, not because it was the “new way,” but because it was the only way.

He lived through times when money and food was sparse, but his kids never missed a meal…although he did.

He’s seen droughts, tornados, floods, fires and wind destroy his farm, but he never gave up.

If he had two dollars to his name, he would give it to you, if you were in need.

He’s a grandfather, father, uncle, brother and friend! AN AMERICAN FARMER!

And now, the feral hog!

“Wild” hogs are like fire ants — spreading at a rapid pace. But, we may have light at the end of the tunnel. As of today, trapping or shooting are the choices. Biologists figure that for each hog we get rid of, at least two more take their place. Some folks are selling the hogs they trap to licensed hunting clubs and others sell to buyers who have set up stations across East Texas. The rascals bring good money at buying stations — the hogs are destined for the packer and then the “wild boar meat” is sold in Germany and some other European nations. Texas law is that only castrated male hogs can go to licensed hunting ranches. No females are allowed to be released. Females can be sold for meat but not for hunting!

Approval is on the way for a new product that will be licensed for getting rid of the pesky rooter. It’s a warfarin-laced feed. Once a hog starts eating the product, after a few days of feasting, they are dead. Several states are expected to approve use of the feed.

Several major restrictions will apply to use of the poisonous feed and users must have a pesticide applicators license to purchase the feed. One thing for sure, landowners are ready for some new approaches to ridding pastures of the pests!