Elkhart Teacher Wins Place At National Training Academy 

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

ELKHART – Elkhart Independent School District (EISD) Elementary School teacher Susan Trim was chosen to attend a world-renown training academy in Atlanta, in a partnership with Verizon® Wireless retailers. 

Victra, the largest Verizon® authorized retailer in the U.S., has made it possible for Trim from Elkhart Elementary, to attend the highly-acclaimed Ron Clark Academy for world-renowned immersive training experience alongside 100 teachers from across the country in Atlanta, GA., Jan. 25-26. 

Trim has demonstrated exceptional dedication and creativity in her contributions to Elkhart Elementary. As a testament to her commitment, she was chosen for this unique opportunity to receive training directly from the experts at the Ron Clark Academy.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Ron Clark Academy in recognizing the outstanding contributions of educators from communities across the country that have such a profound impact on the next generation,” said Rich Balot, CEO and Founder of Victra. “Teachers shape the future of society, and this partnership reflects our commitment to their professional development.”

Victra believes that education is the cornerstone of progress and growth within communities. Through its partnership with Ron Clark Academy, known for its innovative and effective teaching methods, the two aim to provide local teachers with the tools they need to create meaningful and lasting educational experiences for their students.

“We are excited to welcome new teachers to our academy and share our techniques with those making a difference in their communities,” added Ron Clark. “Our mission is to inspire educators and ignite a passion for learning in students. This partnership with Victra makes it possible to bring these skills to prominent teachers across the nation, and those who are most deserving as identified by their nominators!”

The training program will cover a range of topics and innovative teaching techniques, including observation of the acclaimed Ron Clark teaching methods and exclusive hands-on workshops. With these new skills and methods, Trim will bring back valuable insights and strategies to students in the local community, benefiting both fellow educators and students.

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