Texas Education Agency Releases School Report Card

By Greg Ritchie

Messenger Reporter

EAST TEXAS –  The Texas Education Agency released their 2022 Academic Accountability Reports for area schools this week. The reports are eagerly awaited each year as a way for school districts to gage their progress against previous years and other districts of a similar size. Districts are graded on everything from students’ grades, academic improvement and graduation rates.

There are three main categories to the reports which summarize the overall score of each school.

The districts are graded on Student Achievement which is a measure of whether students met expectations on the STAAR test. It also measures graduation rates and how prepared students are for success after high school.

They are graded on School Progress. School Progress shows how students perform over time and how the district’s performance compares to other districts with similar economically disadvantaged student populations.

The last category is Closing the Gap – which indicates how well a district is ensuring that all student groups are successful.

Detailed below are the results for each school district:

Crockett ISD

# Students: 1,190

% Students Economically Disadvantaged: 92.5%

Student Achievement: C, 75%

School Progress: B, 80%

Closing the Gap: C, 76%

Overall rating: C, 79%

Statement from Crockett ISD Superintendent John Emerich: “As Superintendent of Crockett ISD, I am extremely proud of our students and the whole educational community in Crockett for their part in the incredible academic growth we experienced last year.  Our TEA (Texas Education Agency) ratings are proof of that growth, including academic distinction awards in High School ELA/Reading, Junior High Science and Junior High Social Studies. Distinctions mean our students earned the highest possible level of achievement in those subjects.  We are proud to share that the junior high has increased their letter grade and the elementary has improved two letter grades! This school year, in partnership with the National Institute of Excellence in Teaching, we have added powerful instructional systems across the district. We fully expect this academic growth will continue in a truly substantial way.”

“As another indication of our district’s growth, I am also pleased to announce we now have a Crockett ISD app available for download. The app will not only allow our community to easily access information about what is going on in our district, but it will also let us quickly communicate district announcements.”

Grapeland ISD

# Students: 631

% Students Economically Disadvantaged: 63.9%

Student Achievement: B, 87%

School Progress: B, 89%

Closing the Gap: B, 81%

Overall rating: B, 87%

Latexo ISD

# Students: 464

% Students Economically Disadvantaged: 47%

Student Achievement: B, 88%

School Progress: A, 91%

Closing the Gap: B, 86%

Overall rating: A, 90%

Statement from Latexo ISD Superintendent Michael Woodard: Latexo ISD is extremely proud of our students and staff for all the hard work they put in everyday. All the hard work has paid off with the recent release of the TEA 2022 A-F Accountability Ratings. 

Latexo ISD received an A rating for the district, along with four Distinctions at the high school. The high school received Distinctions in ELA/Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Closing the Gaps. We set the bar high in Latexo and raise our expectations each year to improve in all areas. We look forward to another great year and surpassing the goals we have set.  

Kennard ISD

# Students: 223

% Students Economically Disadvantaged: 65%

Student Achievement: B, 88%

School Progress: A, 93%

Closing the Gap: B, 100%

Overall rating: A, 95%

Lovelady ISD

# Students: 510

% Students Economically Disadvantaged: 48%

Student Achievement: A, 91%

School Progress: A, 90%

Closing the Gap: B, 85%

Overall rating: B, 89%

Statement from Lovelady ISD Superintendent Wendy Tullos: Lovelady ISD District Accountability Rating was an overall score of and 89 placing our district rating at a “B” missing an “A” rating by one point. Our campuses earned four total distinction designations which we are very proud of. The impact school closures had during COVID is still evident.  However, our scores indicate students are making significant progress and our programs are successfully closing the student learning gaps. 

Elkhart ISD

# Students: 1,150

% Students Economically Disadvantaged: 47%

Student Achievement: A, 92%

School Progress: B, 86%

Closing the Gap: B, 81%

Overall rating: A, 91%

Statement from Elkhart ISD Superintendent Dr. Lamont Smith: We work hard everyday, not for a rating but so that our children are prepared and can have choices and opportunities when they leave us.  We prepare students for the real world and for an unknown future.  I am appreciative of every single staff member connected to our school community.  They make our children feel loved and appreciated.  It is an excellent place to be!  I am willing to speak with you as well! Message to Staff: Team I am extremely proud of the work that has been done.  As a school family, our students, teachers, support staff and administration put in the necessary effort and expertise for excellent achievement to take place.  According to the Texas Education Agency, our team received an “A” rating!  Once you make it to the top, it’s hard to stay there but you have proven that it can be done.  Excellence is where we reside!  Thank you for giving your best every day.  I’m proud of you!  Excellent work and congratulations on the accomplishment!

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