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Latexo ISD Acquires Simulator Manikin


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Latexo ISD recently received a new addition to its Health Science program: a $20K Laerdal simulator manikin. Students can use the manikin to check pulse rate, heartbeat, and blood pressure, and they can listen to the lungs, heart and abdomen.  Vitals can be monitored on a computer screen, showing EKG rhythm, and abnormal vital signs. Students can learn how to take basic vital signs, identify emergency situations and provide basic life saving for those having a cardiac arrest.

The manikin is interactive. The teacher can set up different patient scenarios for students to work their way thru, causing the manikin to audibly cry, cough, wail, groan, wheeze, or go into respiratory distress. The manikin can even speak. Laerdal manikins provide an excellent opportunity to build a solid foundation in the medical field for high school students.

Heath Science teacher Krystal Patterson stated: “The manikin is a great opportunity for the students to be able to practice interaction with a patient in clinical setting. We are excited about the opportunities.” The manikin will be primarily utilized by the Practicum/Clinical, and Health Science Theory classes, but other LISD medical classes will utilize it also.

Julie Redmon of Laerdal Medical spent two days at LISD training on the manikin’s use. She stated: “As they progress through the programs Latexo offers, students can practice skills to obtain a certification and begin working after graduation. I travel around the country teaching classes and see many simulation centers. Latexo ISD is committed to providing a world class opportunity for their students and it shows in the simulation center that they are developing. They are keeping up with the same standards as much larger schools. It was pleasure to work with people who are so committed to their students and school.”

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