The Strong Woman: DC/AC (During Corona/Antifa Crisis) “Then Vs. Now”

By Claire Cooper Black

[email protected]

To say things are confusing this year would be a massive understatement.

Then – You go outside of your house, you get arrested.

Now – You spend the night destroying and looting businesses you get a pass.

Then – Try to reopen your hair salon to save your business and eat, you get arrested.

Now – You break into a hair salon; you don’t get arrested.

Then – Walk in the park with your child, get arrested.

Now – Riot in the park, you get nonstop press and praise.

Then – You don’t wear a mask; you get mask shamed. CDC & politicians demand you wear a mask. 

Now – CDC says masks aren’t effective.

Then – Stay six feet away from everyone!

Now – Unless it’s during a riot.  That’s acceptable because … you know … it’s making a statement.

Then – Going to church isn’t social distancing.

Now – But burning a church during a peaceful protest is righteous. 

Then – Elective surgery and doctor’s visits are cancelled to keep hospitals from overcrowding.

Now – Hospitals are empty and lay off staff.

Then – “Your body, your choice”.

Now – You must get tested, traced, and tracked for treatment. (The 4 Terrifying T’s)

Then – You don’t need the 2nd Amendment because the police are just a phone call away.

Now – Law Enforcement told to stand down and allow rioters to riot, loot, assault and are overwhelmed and can’t respond to your phone call.

Then – Dr. Fauci is the expert and shuts down America.

Now – Dr. Fauci admits the “models” used for shutting down America are flawed.  Dr. Fauci never lost one paycheck and disappears from public view.  (Thank goodness!)

Then – Your Freedoms are Everything.

Now – Martial Law may be necessary

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