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Weekly Bible Commentary 1-20-19

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Weekly Bible Commentary by Wes Woodard

Matthew 28 – “Jesus Is Risen!”

 When Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to the gravesite, an angel had rolled the stone away and was sitting on it.  The Roman soldiers who were guarding the site were so afraid they became like dead men.  The angel told the two women that Jesus was not there but He had risen.  He instructed the women to look inside and see for themselves that the tomb was empty!  Then the angel instructed them to go and tell His disciples and proceed to Galilee where Jesus would meet them.  The Roman soldiers went to the Jewish Religious leaders and told them what had happened.  These Religious leaders then paid the guards a large sum of money to lie and tell Pilate the disciples of Jesus had stolen the body.  And, they would make it ok with Pilate! Matthew says that this lie was still the explanation for Jesus disappearance when he penned the book of Matthew. NASV

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