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HORACE MCQUEEN: How Did We Get Here?


With all the racket and raving in this political year, a thought just occurred to me. How the heck did so many politicians—of both parties—end up attending Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and other top rated universities? Reading their biographies and listening to their campaign rhetoric, most grew up in poor to middle class homes, often without what most of us call the “necessities” of life. Reckon they were placed at the front of the admissions process because they were “minorities”? Plus, often taxpayers paid their fees and tuition—what a deal!

Back home in Texas often the criteria for admission to our colleges and universities is tweaked when the aspiring student can dunk a basketball or throw a football. Or it could be that the college or university is seeking more “diversity” in the student body by adding minorities regardless of whether they meet the enrollment standards placed on other students. Just treat all students the same when applying for college. Forget color, gender, family connections and athletic prowess—just concentrate on judging each student equally!

For the most part, President Trump has made some accomplishments that make sense. At least he has let other countries know that the U.S. will be respected—maybe not loved—by others round the world. He has a policy of not bowing to every two-bit dictator demanding more from our taxpayers. It reminds me of the President Theodore Roosevelt philosophy of “walk softly and carry a big stick.”

On the issue of adding more ethanol to gasoline, Trump is mistaken—many of us believe. Why bend over backwards to placate corn farmers who use the ethanol issue to threaten politicians who won’t meet their demands. Ethanol costs more to produce than gasoline and the energy content of ethanol is far less. Pure gas won’t ruin gaskets, rubber hoses and threaten the life of gasoline engines like ethanol. The ethanol lobby is strong—spending millions to buy votes in the halls of the U.S. Congress. If ethanol is such a great product, I recommend that corn farmers and the ethanol producers stop asking taxpayers to subsidize their product. Just back off from Federal mandates on adding more ethanol to our fuel. Let the market pick the winners and losers! Anyway, keep your ethanol—just let me have 100% old fashioned gasoline. We have a growing number of service stations in Texas selling 100% gasoline!


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