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THE WEEKENDER: Ashley, Kasi and Cody



 Ashley, Kasi and Cody”

 By Clyde Black


 Healing is a process.  Healing, as a fragile human, from personal loss is an individual thing.  So many suffer from personal tragedy and the world and life goes on.  The world and our own community suffers from serious problems and challenges that affect far more issues than our own personal suffering.  But our own personal suffering is real and occupies our existence.  For over 15 years the old Weekender has tried to bring a little humor, a little political self-awareness and sometimes controversy to the audience.  I feel I have lived out my life in the open with you guys.  This week is a little different and a little more sober.  This article is dedicated to those in the community who have suffered tragic personal loss.  Like the loss of a child.

 All I can think of in my life right now is my daughter Ashley.  She passed away after being injured in an auto pedestrian accident on July 30th, 2009.  Ashley was the third child I’ve lost.  I had more time with her than Kasi and Cody and raised her as a single parent.  Some doctor or specialist somewhere came up with the term, closure.  Guess what, when you lose a child there is no closure!  It doesn’t go away.  I know that all over Houston County there are folks who know this loss.  I hope somehow, to honor Ashley that this article helps them.  I don’t think you are weird or a bad Christian if you question the Lord.  Why?  Why Ashley?  I have fallen on my knees out the pasture and asked why.  Take me, Lord.  She was the good one.  Not me. 

 If you have lost a child or loved one you are not weird to have these strange feelings.  Well, at least no more weird than I am!  I have come to think of Ashley as an Angel sent to me by our Lord.  She gave me a purpose to live and carry on at a tough time in my life.  Instead of dwelling on other issues she kept me busy.  I’m no longer mad at our Lord and thank him for the time we had together.  I like to believe he needed my little Angel somewhere else to help some other poor soul.  If you are around Dennis Ivey or Vic White at Spring Mar Grocery ask them to share with you the song Vic wrote about my little girl.  Thank you, Lord for all the many blessings you have given us.  Thanks, Ash.  Dad.




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