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THE WEEKENDER: Are You Kidding Me?



 My wife is one of our wonderful East Texas Strong Women!  I’m not kissing up because I know she can get along just fine without me.  I’m still around after 20 years because she hasn’t decided to get rid of me.  Together we worry about our country and our community.  Life issues and political issues are very complicated and generally there are no easy solutions to problems.  How we communicate with those who have other opinions is critical.  Just to pick an issue to discuss this week we have been concerned about the school shootings and how it is being used to attack our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  We watched the marches protesting the violence and sympathized with the kids and their passion.  However, we also are disgusted at those using those kids to change the narrative from anti violence to gun control. 

 I sit on my deck as often as I can and dwell on these issues.  How do we be respectful to the passionate youngsters and yet protect ourselves from those who become so enthralled as to find the simplistic idea to rid society of guns?  I would caution everyone to remember that our 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms exists to protect us, citizens, workers, Americans from government.  That’s right, the Right to Bear Arms exists so we can protect ourselves from Congress and government, including local well-meaning but perhaps naïve public officials.  Example, we have city mayors and governors declaring their domains as sanctuary areas in defiance to federal law.  Now I understand some are trying to impose their own gun control measures, again violating our constitution right.

 I mentioned earlier the strength and wisdom of the Strong Woman.  Sometimes she expresses herself very clearly and cuts to an angle that I haven’t yet found.  For example, the other day while discussing the gun issue she said, “Why in the world would anyone want to give up a legislated, constitutional right?”  Now think for a moment about the wisdom in that statement.  Are you serious, who would actually want to give up a right? 

Hey, I have an idea.  Let’s go ahead and give up all our rights.  You know, freedom of speech, protection against illegal search and seizure, and etc.  If we get rid of all our rights it would probably fix the immigration issue I’ve been worried about.  Who would want to come here if we are without the freedoms all these immigrants seek?  Maybe we are on to something here.  Are you kidding me?  Lord, help us please. 

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