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THE STRONG WOMAN: Brought to You by My 1st Amendment Right


By Claire Cooper Black

The Strong Woman


Last weekend there were marches all over the nation called “March for Our Lives.” This march was playing off the name of another march called “March for Life.”  This was done by design.  Don’t kid yourself that it wasn’t.

“March for Life” is an established march protesting abortion.  This march was established in 1974.

“March for Our Lives” is brand spanking new (sorry) and is protesting the AR-15.

The front group for the “March for Our Lives” are teenagers which we are not allowed to criticize.  They are being funded by a wealthy New York former mayor and Hollywood celebrities.  (I dislike the group already.)

As I said, we are not allowed to criticize the teenyboppers who are demanding, in some rather prolific language, that no one should be able to purchase an AR-15 under the age of 21.  Well, at least that’s where it started.  The march soon blossomed into the real agenda, the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment.  Oh, you didn’t hear that part?  Google it.  The videos of these sweet young front boys and girls and undecideds will make you want to join the NRA as fast as you can. And guess what?  That’s the exact reaction that happened.  While these kiddos were “marching” to have a “freedom” abolished (think about that long and hard), many were signing up with the NRA.

We now have a new competition going on as to who will reign as the Top Gun Sales Person of a decade.  Obama did a bang-up job (sorry again) of introducing millions of new people to their 2nd Amendment Right.  Millions went out and bought guns.  Thank You Obama!  Now the teenyboppers are giving a similar shot in the arm (I can’t seem to stop myself) to the gun industry.  But they will have to work hard to beat the old pro.

After watching all this mind-boggling protesting to abolish one of our rights under the Bill of Rights (think about that long and hard. I can’t say this enough) I have an idea.

The Democrats want to repeal the 2nd Amendment.  Even a retired Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, said so this week.  Don’t believe them when they say they don’t want a repeal.  Gun laws and gun bans are like potato chips to Democrats.  They can’t have just one and won’t stop at just one.

So, my solution is the following:

Democrats demand gun control?  Okay, Outlaw All Guns … for Democrats.  They asked for it, they got it.

If the Democrats are sincere and really want to outlaw guns, they should have absolutely no problem with this.  None.  If they do, they are being hypocrites.

Are you a Democrat in favor of the 2nd Amendment?

WELCOME TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY where we don’t repeal freedoms! 

Brought to you by my 1st Amendment Right.

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