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Weekly Bible Commentary 2-11


By Wes Woodard

Genesis 26 – “God Blessed Isaac Greatly in the Land of the Philistines!”

There was a famine where Isaac was living. Isaac obeys God and moves to Philistia. While he is there God blesses him. In verse 12 we read, “Now Isaac sowed in the land and reaped in the same year a hundred fold!”  He became so wealthy with flocks and herds that the Philistines tell him in verse 16 “Go away from us, for you are too powerful for us.” So, Isaac moved to the valley of Gerar. In he last verse of this chapter it says Esau married a Hittite girl, and this brought grief to Isaac and Rebekah. Esau has now cut himself lose from the Jewish people; he has sold his Birthright and by marriage identified himself with a pagan nation!

I remember as a teen being taught that the three most important decisions I would make were: 1) Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior; 2) Dedicating my life totally to Him (to do with as He chooses); and, 3) That I married a dedicated Christian girl.

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