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HORACE MCQUEEN: Words Of Wisdom—or something else!


When it comes to stupidity, we have plenty of folks in the U.S. Congress who qualify for that honor. Sheila Jackson Lee has been in the Congress for 22 years. She represents a neighborhood in Houston where she has successfully convinced voters that she walks on water. She recently said the U.S. Constitution is over 400 years old—only missed by 150 years or so! Then at a town hall meeting of constituents, she interrupted the session to talk for several minutes on her cell phone and not answer questions from the voters. Ms. Lee is also known for saying that astronaut Neil Armstrong planted the first U.S. flag on—MARS.

Another Congressman several years ago questioned the sending of 8,000 additional U.S. troops to Guam. Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson said he was worried that the Marine contingent could overload the tiny island and cause it to capsize. Reckon high school science and history lessons should be required before anyone can be elected to political office?

Lots of farmers have started fertilizing hay meadows. Dr. Jason Banta, Texas A & M beef specialist, recommends that producers balance the amount of forage to be produced with the quality of nutrients in the grass. He says cutting hay at the proper time produces the most desirable hay—but shooting for maximum number of bales per acre is often a recipe for low quality hay. Banta recommends a 28-day cutting schedule to maximize both protein and feeding quality of the hay produced.

Promoters often tout something new—or “improved”—on the farming front. Many of these promotions will cost the investors dearly. Remember the chinchilla scam? An East Texas doctor got so wound up in raising the little rascals that he spent thousands of dollars converting his three car garage to a chinchilla house. Then he spent a small fortune buying chinchillas—only problem the market collapsed. Small fortunes were also lost raising Shetland ponies, ostriches, emus, pot bellied pigs and other “money makers” that never worked. Moral of this story is simple. If you are going to be a seller, you have to have buyers! That’s