When Harvey hit the Texas coast with devastating fury, Americans dug deep in their pockets. What was revealing was the ballyhoo from the American Red Cross and their advertising for contributions. The Red Cross does offer some assistance for citizens weathering floods and other catastrophic events. But donating to local groups that put 100% of your gift in the arms of those who need help is preferable. Not that the Red Cross volunteers are at fault — these unpaid folks are often first on the scene where help is needed. But the high dollar executives of the organization collect millions of dollars that were given for relief efforts and then refuse to account for how the money was spent.

Opening your purse to the local food banks, Salvation Army and other volunteer organizations are better custodians for your contributions. The recent Hurricane Harvey disaster that hit the Texas coast brought out a scathing editorial in the “Houston Chronicle” newspaper. That paper said it hard and fast that giving to local outfits that would spend all the donor funds here at home was preferable. Reporters questioned Red Cross executives as to how much money they had collected, and distributed, for “Harvey Relief” — but were met with stonewalling. Most Texans — and those from other states — will help those in real need. But we want those monies to be used at home!

Cattle producers are invited to the multi-county “Cow Congress” coming up October 13th at the Santa Rosa Ranch on Highway 21 at the Trinity River in Houston County. Operators of Santa Rosa Ranch are Gerald and Kelley Sullivan.

Several tours of the ranch along with presentations on livestock and forage production will be featured. It’s an all-day program starting with registration at 8:30 a.m. and over by 5 p.m. Early registration is $20 and after October 6th cost will be $30. Call your county extension agent to register.

Woodward, Oklahoma sale barn owner Jerry Nine says the emphasis on airport safety is “revealing”. In 2015, he said full body screening at U.S. airports tallied 133 transvestites, and 1,485 hernias. Also 3,172 travelers with hemorrhoids and 8,249 enlarged prostates, plus 59,350 breast implants! Jerry that’s a little too much information!