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The Weekender – “Custom Cowboys and Close Encounters of the Bovine”



If you have been reading the Weekender for a while you know that I’m a big fan of our local cowboys. These guys have a wonderful local history and work ethic. To this day I believe they are the reason that our county is the cattle powerhouse of the State. Some of the big producers and small producers are successful because of our local cowboys. When you see the block long cattle trailers around town I think we should all salute just like we salute the Blue Bell truck! On the ranch, when you need help with a wayward bull or a cow having trouble with birth these guys respond and help. I have never heard a one of them ask a rancher if he was rich or poor or black or white. If you need help they will come. I freely admit that I am a wannabe.

I was thrilled this past week to find that one of our local legendary cowboys, C.D. Langham, had written a book! It’s called, THE CUSTOM COWBOYS OF HOUSTON COUNTY. Please buy this book. It’s filled with true stories about the feats of our local guys. The stories are funny but probably weren’t when the incidents actually occurred. Cows and horses are powerful animals and can hurt you accidentally. The cowboys always find a way to get the job done and the scars come with the job!

You know another great book written by a local character is, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BOVINE –Revelations of a Rural Veterinarian by Dr. Rosalie Cooper-Chase. Dr. Cooper-Chase was the first woman to open a vet practice in Houston County. Her stories are hilarious! She is a thin, slight lady and when she showed up at all hours to help some macho cattleman she met curiosity and doubt. Over the years she earned the respect of the toughest of our cattlemen. Women will love the book and real men and real cattlemen will really enjoy it!

Thanks C.D. and Dr. Rosalie for writing your books and preserving this wonderful part of Houston County history. Much like the fiddlers festival I would like to see a cowboy gathering in Houston County to host our local heroes and encourage them to relate a little bit more of our history. The Strong Woman and I have hosted a couple of gatherings at our place but these guys and gals deserve a bigger audience. God Bless Houston County!