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Houston County Lake Report 1-18

49F surface water temperature, water stained, and normal level. Slow black bass to 2 ½ pound in 15 to 20 feet of water using slow drag dark worms.  Purple body jigs with chartreuse tail for several spotted bass. Slow to fair...

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Forestry Update 1-18

By Gary Allen Burns Surface fires are the most common kind of forest fire. The flames burn near the ground, consuming the grass and brush on the surface, leaving the tree canopy untouched. The dry litter on the ground, of...

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Sunny Thoughts from Sunset 1-18

By Vance Drum Sunday was Installation Sunday at Sunset, and we were blessed to install four new elders and deacons on the Sunset Board, praise the Lord. The pastor brought a message, “Here Am I.  Send Me,” about the call of the...

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EVER WONDER: Ball Point Pens

By Jacque Scott Ball Point Pens Let’s see what we can find out about the everyday taken for granted item we call a ball-point pen.  Why was it such an important gadget?  The consumer society of post World War II America was...

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