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...high Wind Warning In Effect From Tuesday Evening Through Wednesday Morning For Guadalupe Pass... ...wind Advisory In Effect From Tuesday Evening Through Wednesday Morning For The Southeast New Mexico Plains... .a Strong Cold Front Will Move Into West Texas And Southeast New Mexico Tonight. As A Result, Strong Gap Winds Will Be Possible ...Read More.
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Author: Cheril Vernon

Sunny Thoughts from Sunset 4-19

By Vance Drum On Sunday the Sunset pastor continued our series, “Drawing Near to God,” with a message, “Saving a Nation by Prayer.”  The text was from Daniel’s prayer for the Lord to redeem Israel (Daniel 9:15-19):  “Because of your great mercy, O Lord, listen!  O Lord, forgive!  O Lord, hear and act!  For your sake, O my God, do not delay….” The pastor made five points:  (1) The Confession Restated; (2) Pleading God’s Righteousness; (3) Pleading God’s Mercy; (4) Pleading God’s Reputation; (5) Daniel’s Earnestness in Prayer. (1) The Confession Restated. Daniel, in Babylonian captivity, had confessed the unfaithfulness of Israel’s kings, princes, fathers and people.  He said (v5): “We have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled….” In his prayer Daniel did not try to justify Israel’s sins, or to brush them under the rug. He confessed, not mincing words, but called what Israel had done wickedness and rebellion against God. I think that sometimes we have difficulty understanding how God really feels about sin.  In both the Old and New Testaments, God acted decisively against sin because God knows that our sin is so destructive — both to ourselves and to others. In our American culture, where we think anything goes, and everything’s alright if we think it’s alright, what God thinks is often left out of the picture. (2) Pleading God’s...

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Hotels        By Jacque Scott                   How on earth did hotels come about?  How did they all start?  Let’s see what we can find out about them. The origin of the word “hotel” is in Middle English where in the generic meaning was used to indicate lodging. It was derived from Old French where the word was hôtel. The most serious thing facing the weary traveler today is a padded bill and an unpadded mattress.  But in 1315, travelers were routinely murdered to steal their luggage, and the king of France ordered innkeepers to pay a heavy fine if any of their guests met an untimely death while under their roof.  We’ve come a long way. Hotels and inns are as old as travel.  The Bible mentions the crowded inn in Bethlehem and an inn earlier where Joseph stopped on his return from Egypt.  The Romans had overnight accommodations along their highway network, and even Marco Polo is known to have stayed at relay houses on his journey through China. In 1577, there were over 6,000 inns in England.  Inns were advertised as having “clean sheets.”  In colonial America, travelers were not so lucky.  They were fortunate to find any kind of sheets on the bed or, in fact, any unoccupied bed.  Most inns had only two sleeping rooms, one...

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By Wes Woodard Genesis 37 – “Jacob’ Spoils Joseph” In this chapter we read that Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other sons and he made him a multicolored robe. This caused the other brothers to hate Joseph.  Then, to make matters worse, Joseph has a dream and tells his brothers! We read, “… for behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and low, my sheaf rose up and yours bowed down around mine. Then his brothers said to him, Are you actually going to reign over us? So they hated him even more!”  Then he had a second dream and told his brothers!  This one was about the sun and moon and eleven stars bowing down to him!  When Jacob heard this one he rebuked Joseph and said, “Shall I and your Mother and your brothers bow down before you?”  Joseph’s brothers are very jealous and hate Joseph even more!  They leave to take care of their father’s sheep.  But, Jacob ponders about all of this never realizing his part in causing...

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SINCERELY SCOTTY: Connected to Life

By Walter Scott Do you find yourself pulling away from others, especially if you’ve experienced a crisis or deep disappointment? Maybe the most difficult thing we can do is to be with people when we don’t feel like being around anybody. We need other people and we’ll never thrive as human beings in isolation. One woman likes to say, “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry with your girlfriends.” The presumption is that men are not empathetic, and there is probably some truth there. A man who lost his wife to cancer found himself wanting to be alone. In time he dropped out of his worshiping community and curtailed all of the activities he and his wife had shared for so many years. He increasingly kept to himself. He quit socializing at work and returned straight home to an empty house. He turned down invitations from friends and co-workers. His leisure time was now spent watching television or working in his shop in the basement. His contact with people dwindled until friends became alarmed that he might live out his life as a recluse. One came by to visit and to invite him over for supper the next evening. The two old friends sat in comfortable chairs by a warm fireplace. The visitor extended the dinner invitation and encouraged him to come. “You may need...

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THE WEEKENDER: “Crockett Lions Club PRCA Rodeo”

By Clyde Black theweekender@live.com In a few short weeks it will be Rodeo time in Houston County! The Crockett Lions Club brings this great event to Crockett every year. The rodeo is true American history in presentation in today’s world. To earn money the cowboys and cowgirls pay to enter and must win their events for any pay. There are no guaranteed union checks, no affirmative action and no human resource departments.  They pay their money to ride and hopefully win some money. Some of the rodeos in East Texas have been shut down.  In the last few years the crowds have thinned so this culture and history is being lost to some East Texas communities. Not so here in Houston County! I read recently that not only is Houston County the first county formed in Texas but more cattle are raised here than anywhere else in the state. This is cowboy country. If you are thinking rodeo and cattle raising is some macho man’s world you are so mistaken. Some of our most knowledgeable and successful cattle operations in the county are run by women. The rodeo is family oriented and patriotic. Veterans are admitted free on the first night as well as all first responders. Digs into our profits a little but they deserve the recognition. Speaking of profits. The Lions Club does not raise money for...

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