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THE WEEKENDER: Need All the Friends I Got


By Clyde Black


At this moment, I should be in a hospital bed recovering from back surgery but the operation got cancelled!  I was nervous about the surgery, but wish we had been able to proceed.  The pain has become almost unbearable.  A couple of shots in the spine has helped but not enough. On top of that I also had the 10 day flu that lasted two weeks.  No kidding, I’ve lost 26 pounds. This has not been a diet that I recommend.

This brings me to this week’s message. The weather we’ve been dealing with is dangerous to our health and I hope to give you guys an important heads up.  This past week while serving as Justice of the Peace, I got called out on seven deaths.  I can’t say that the weather caused the deaths but in most of the cases the folks had been ill with flu like symptoms, were working outside or had some other health issues.  The whole points I want to make is please look out for each other and encourage loved ones to get to the doctor if flu like symptoms persist.

I am not a doctor but apparently this strain of flu is bad one.  I’ve learned also that a lingering cold, cough and congestion can be a symptom of a heart attack.  I mentioned that I got called out seven times last week.  Normally, that’s a two month average.  Not to get to emotional but you need to know that I love you guys and need all the friends I’ve got. Please take care and be healthy.  May God continue to bless Houston County and the USA!