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HORACE MCQUEEN: At Last- A New Jobs Training Center


Last week in this column it was noted that the Crockett ISD was purchasing the closed multi-million state school facility. With that purchase, plans are well underway to bring some new educational opportunities to Crockett, Houston and surrounding counties. Terry Myers, Crockett ISD school superintendent, is leading the way to getting some programs started that will be meaningful to our area.

Myers sees the school grounds used for training youngsters — and oldsters — in marketable skills they can bring to the workplace. Carpentry, electrical, welding, plumbing, diesel technology — the possibilities are endless. With the cooperation of other school districts–and down the road maybe Texas State Technical College professionals–all of our area could benefit. Terry Myers and the Crockett ISD school board, thanks for your efforts leading in the right direction!

Cattle prices are decent, not overwhelmingly great, but still plenty of buyers in the market. Heifers to be added to cow herds are in demand and the fancy kinds are bringing good money. Quality bulls are also in demand, especially those raised by breeders who keep records on what they are offering for sale. We still have a few producers who get their “bull bargains” from the weekly auction sale offerings. Generally a bargain bull sold at packer prices offers little in the way of producing a quality calf crop.

In politics, the races are starting to take shape. In Texas, our state government officeholders and those who want their jobs are lining up for the fray.

Hopefully when the primaries come around, voters will make decisions right for Texas and the nation. “Bathroom bills”, building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. are just not must haves for most of the folks I know. They are more interested in restoring honesty in government, adding jobs and providing their kids an opportunity to succeed in later life.

Our local gardeners never run out of things to do. If not already done, remove the old plants that have quit production and put them in a compost or burn pile.

Planting a winter cover crop on the garden area will help soil fertility for the 2018 plantings. Ryegrass, cereal rye or other small grains can be seeded now and then turned under in early 2018. It’s also a good time to check out the new varieties of fruits and vegetables on the market for the coming year. Most seed catalogs are free and make good reading material in the winter months. That’s