The Strong Woman

By Claire Cooper Black

 The Weekender has been a bit under the weather recently, so I am writing the column again.  He did ask me to mention something to his readers.

The Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran’s Day are November 10th and 11th respectfully.  The Weekender is a USMC Veteran of 3 tours of duty in Vietnam.  He would ask that on Veterans Day Weekend that you remember the Veterans and forget the football players.  Veterans come in all colors.  They are damn proud of their service for our country.  They do not take standing and showing respect for the American Flag lightly.

It is incomprehensible to them when others show disrespect to our Flag and National Anthem.  (Think Hanoi Jane and Swift Boat Kerry.) Say either of these names to a Vietnam Veteran and stand back.

In fact, the reason The Weekender is under the weather is BECAUSE of his service to our country.  Not because he got injured on a football field playing a game while getting paid millions and treated like some sort of grid iron god.

No, The Weekender permanently injured his back jumping out of a helicopter while “in country” in Vietnam.  He volunteered to join the Marines.  He wasn’t paid millions.  He has lived with excruciating back pain for decades.  Yet serving his country is one of his proudest achievements.

On the average the National Anthem is 2 minutes 20 seconds long.  There are 16 regular season games in the NFL  If players can’t stand for those 35 minutes and 20 seconds and show respect for those who have spent YEARS in service to our country, what does that say about the players?  You want to protest?  Do it in a different forum on your own time and on your own dime!

Veterans don’t get paid millions.

Veterans just ask that you respect their service and show respect for our Flag and National Anthem.

35 Minutes 20 Seconds.