I probably should not be writing this right now because I’m very angry.  It’s Monday night and I have been anxious to see the Cowboys game. After the demonstration during the National Anthem I turned it off.  I will never watch another professional football game. These multi-millionaires are protesting something and they don’t even know what it is.  They call it social injustice. Actually, the whole thing started because a 3rd rate, half black and half white quarterback was being released as #1 starter.  It’s the old blame someone else for my failure. 

 He played the race card so here it comes again! These guys are magnificent athletes and they have been catered to their whole lives.  Most of them were pushed through school because they played and had talent. They got into college on football ability and were granted every privilege and help. They benefited from government regulations regarding quotas and affirmative action. They have become what they protest.  They are now financially the wealthy who they protest.  The average NFL player makes over $2 million a year. The men and women who fight for their daily safety and right to protest earn about $40,000. With interlocked arms they looked like a bunch of children unable to make decisions on their own and owners are right there with them because they are cowards.

 Yes, I’m a Marine Corps Veteran of three tours in Vietnam and although it has been popular in recent years for folks to say how much they NOW appreciate our service, I knew it would turn.  It now seems that the NFL is that agent who once again walked up to the Vietnam Memorial and just spit on it. These NFL players can’t even express what social injustice it is that they protest.  A bunch of drama queens is what they are. Honestly, they would not make a pimple on the a — of the American Service men and women. They use their wealth for nothing but their own self-gratification yet they want to tell us poor folks who can’t afford to even go to a game how we should believe. They have become what they despise.  They are the MAN!  Let me remind them of what President 44 told the wealthy. “You didn’t build that bridge.  Somebody else helped you or built it for you.” Get over yourselves.  Former football fan. God Bless America.