I would not be true to myself and my daughter, Ashley, if I did not mention that on the date this article comes out, 8 years ago, I got that dreaded call no parent wants telling me that my daughter was gone.  I know she would expect me to keep speaking out for what I believe and I hope every day that I don’t disappoint her and that I live up to her expectations.  Love ya, kiddo!

Often, I have started my article with an apology.  I can’t control my mind. It goes places and takes me to strange territory.  Like everyone else, I’m concerned about the loss of our hospital.  I personally think it is the primary fault of 44 Care regulations and his hatred of capitalism and the insurance industry in particular.  His legislation made it so hard for medical facilities to get refunded by insurance companies that cash flow was not adequate for rural facilities to survive.  Again, my brain wonders why we can have 3 very successful animal veterinarians in Crockett and yet no place for humans to go.  The answer is that dear old departed President 44 did not intrude as much on our vets as he did on our human doctors.  Our vets will jump into emergencies with our animals.  They’ll get on the floor, get dirty, grab a mad dog, wrestle a raging bull and diagnose a problem with a patient who can’t communicate!  These beasts can’t tell a vet what hurts yet the doc’s and their techs figure out what’s wrong and go to the next patient. 

Like our vet clinics, maybe our hospitals need a sign saying “Payment is expected at the time of service”.  Maybe regulations should encourage that.  No business can spend more that it collects and survive.  Taxes can only be increase so much before people revolt.  Don’t expect me to pay for medical expenses for illegals, frauds, abortions not needed to save life, folks who just don’t want to buy insurance and live off the emergency rooms, and I don’t want my SSA money given to anyone who has not paid into the system.  I guess I’m just a mean old man!

By the way, I don’t need any republican candidate for office who supports any form of national health care.  They are socialist and need to watch the old movie, Dr. Zhivago.  There it is one more time.  Repeal and leave national health care to private companies. My back has been acting up, I’m going to the vet.  God bless Houston County.