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Grapeland Noon Lions Club Begins New Year


By Will Johnson
Messenger Reporter

GRAPELAND – With a fresh slate of officers, the Grapeland Noon Lions Club began a new year as President Mike Goolsby opened a July 6 meeting at the Grapeland Café.

Following the invocation, Goolsby requested Secretary Laura Walling to read the minutes of the previous Lions Club meeting on June 15.

Once the minutes had been approved, outgoing Treasurer Velda Parker reported on the group’s financial standing. Incoming Treasurer Allen Cheatham had a prior commitment and was unable to attend the Thursday meeting.

Before moving into the business matters of the club, Goolsby reported the Lions had bumped up their fee to maintain Millican Cemetery from $2,000 to $2,500. He added one of the members of the Millican Cemetery Association was so pleased with the work the Lions had done in the initial grounds keeping effort, he provided the Lions with an extra $125.

The next item concerned the swearing- in of officers who were unable to attend the previous meeting. Dianne Hollister was sworn in as Tail Twister, Terry Hollister was sworn in as Lions Tamer and Will Johnson was sworn in as reporter.

As the meeting continued, Goolsby remarked the previous year had been one of the best years he could recall as it pertained to fund raising.

“I would like to see if there is something in the community we can do. Whether t’s a remodel or something we can buy or something we can do to make a bigger, better impact on the community. I would ask that each one of you think about something we can do,” he said.

A suggestion was made to make a donation to the library or to the city in order to keep the library’s accreditation status and to ease the burden on the city. A lengthy discussion was held on the matter, however, no action was taken on the matter.

Goolsby said he would follow up on the matter and report back to the club.

At the conclusion of the library discussion, Goolsby turned his focus to the 2018 Peanut Festival.

“I have an application here for a Peanut Festival food booth,” he said. “We need to decide if we are going to do that and if so, we need to decide what we are going to sell.”

He said the last few years the club had sold “tornado” potatoes and while the Lions had done “OK,” he would like to see the club add something to the menu.

“We already have access to a grill and a smoker. We just need to come up with a little bit more of a flexible menu. We need something else to draw people,” Goolsby said.

Several possibilities were discussed but no decision on menu additions was made. However, the club members did approve paying the fee to set up a food booth and to park cars. The Peanut Festival is scheduled for Oct. 14.

Two other items which were briefly mentioned concerned the building of a float for a Peanut Queen’s contestant and the usage of the Spot Vision Machine at the Grapeland Elementary School during the fall semester.

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