By  Claire Cooper Black

Several years ago, the Weekender surprised me with a zero-turn radius lawn mower.  Actually, it wasn’t that much of a surprise because I passed him on Highway 19 as he was bringing it home on the trailer. The look on his face as I waved at him was hysterical.

His concerns for my comfort and ease of mowing our 2-acre yard were heartfelt. The mower has made mowing much easier (once you get the hang of the no steering wheel aspect).  I use to enjoy mowing our rather large yard but as my age continues to escalate, mowing seems to require more time and effort.

Now, we could switch jobs.  Currently I mow and the Weekender edges and picks up sticks and small limbs which have fallen from our trees.  Last week I was determined to get everything mowed.  Everything.  That means going into the land of the tall grass under our Burr Oak Tree Grove.  It’s a beautiful spot.  So much so all manner of creatures enjoy it.

We have seen deer, foxes, raccoons, hawks and other creatures enjoying our grove.  But the ever present creatures that are always there are the SNAKES!!!!  It order to mow the grove, sticks and small limbs must be picked up.  The Weekender’s job is to wonder around with his eyes on the ground looking through tall grass (and weeds) for anything that might damage our mower.

Last weekend I saw him running backwards and swinging a hoe down to the ground over and over.  I didn’t have to think twice about what this action was for.  It was for SNAKES!!!!  Well at least one snake.  It seems a copperhead was upset I was mowing and was going to take it out on the nearest thing to him.  And that was the Weekender.

So, I think as much as I am getting older and it’s taking longer and longer for me to mow, I’m not giving up my job to take over the Weekender’s job.  Nope.  I’m perched up on a mower without having to touch the ground.  I’ll let the Weekender handle point and recon!