There are always those who are trying to con the public. The soybean farmers have done a real number on the dairy industry with their “soymilk.” Then there is “almond” milk — plus several more vegetable-derived “milk” products. None can come close to real milk, from real cows.

Now the dairy industry has come together and trying to convince the U.S. Congress that the fakes need to do away with milk in their names. And to add credibility to the claims of the dairy folks, pure milk from cows is about half the price of the fake milks at the grocery store.

What will it take for our pussy-footing Texas Legislature to ban texting when driving?

The House of Representatives has voted to join 46 other states in making the practice illegal. But the Texas Senate hasn’t boarded the bus as of yet. Senators, it’s time to join the real world — how many more lives of Texans must be lost before texting when driving is made an illegal act? In the past two weeks, 13 church members returning from a retreat in central Texas were killed by a pickup driver who admitted he was sending messages on his phone.

As for the farming business, we are wet — and more wet! Just a couple weeks ago cattle began to wean themselves from consuming hay. They were chasing green forages, including lots of ryegrass that was doing great. With the rains and cool spells, the green stuff growth has slowed. Cattlemen are still feeding high priced protein supplements to the cows whether from the sack, tubs or liquid feeds.

Drexel University in Pennsylvania must be where idiots abound.

George Ciccarielo-Maher is a professor of politics and global studies at Drexel. This past Christmas-eve Maher sent a message via his phone with a chilling message. “All I want for Christmas is white genocide,” Maher tweeted. Now the “professor” is back at his tweeting. Maher was on a flight and a passenger in first class offered his seat to a soldier in uniform who boarded the plane.

Maher could not stand this. “Why are people thanking him? I am trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul”, was his latest message. If the Drexel University officials don’t come down on Maher, they all need to be dismissed.