Month: March 2017

Mud Nationals: Gettin’ A Little Dirty!

By Teresa Holloway Messenger Special Reporter JACKSONVILLE – More than 4,100 acres of East Texas Piney Woods terrain awaits ATV riders of all ages at the annual Mud-National off-road riding and racing celebration. The Mud-National races in Jacksonville are the largest ATV event in the world, hosting hundreds of thousands of guests each year on the miles of trails criss-crossing the terrain. The varied landscape offers every riding environment, from knee deep muddy water and gumbo bottoms to high and dry hilltops and everything in between. Muddy Creek traverses many of the trails, offering bridges and unique riding challenges...

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CISD Receives $4.6 Million Grant

By Will Johnson Messenger Reporter  CROCKETT – “Believe me, Mrs. (CISD Board of Trustees President Lela) Wheeler, you won’t have to listen to this superintendent tonight because I have such good news, I’m just going to be quiet,” Crockett ISD Superintendent Terry Myers said as he began his report during the regularly scheduled meeting of the CISD Board of Trustees held on Monday, March 27. “I’m just going to let Mrs. (Assistant Superintendent Wendy) Tullos and Mrs. (Administrative Assistant Toni) Nicol take it away,” he said. As the assistant superintendent began, Nicol disappeared into a back office and re-emerged...

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We have reached the seventh and final major section of the Book of Romans. This section is ironic since what the Apostle Paul says by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit must soon be applied to himself!  (Tradition tells us that Paul was killed by the Roman Caesar, Nero.)  In verse one of chapter 13 we read: “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities…. For it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.” (N.A.S.V.) Without laws and Law Enforcement Officers, society would be chaotic. My Dad always told my brother and me, “If you ever go to jail, don’t call me.” He had strong convictions about obeying the laws of our...

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THE WEEKENDER by Clyde Black 3-26

By Claire Cooper Black The Strong Woman  “I have the electrician’s cell phone number” We moved to Houston County in the spring of 2002.  We have been here 15 years!  Other than the house I grew up in in Houston, that’s the longest I have ever stayed in one house. We love our place here on the ranch.  It has many benefits.  Unlike our house in Carrollton, Texas, where our neighbor’s houses were maybe 40 feet from ours, our closest neighbor is abou tthree-fourths of a mile away. If we want to go fishing, we just walk out our back door to the pond.  We don’t have a dreaded Home Owners Association (otherwise known as the Strict Rules, No Sense of Humor Committee).  If our yard gets a little tall, no city tickets and no HOA reprimands.  Just snakes.  However, as a home ages it is inevitable that things will start to wear out.  And things never wear out at the same time when you call say … an electrician.  No.  They usually wait a week in between each other before they just flat out stop working.  So far, I think I have had the electricians out every other week this year.  First it was an outdoor spot light that quit working.  Then it was the master bath venting and heating fan.  Next came the dusk to dawn light...

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HORACE MCQUEEN: Lost Dog Saga – with a happy ending!

Last week at our farm home, we went through nearly two hours of hope and prayer for a stolen dog. Making a long story short, we “adopted” a beautiful eight year old Cocker Spaniel female from the Galveston animal shelter. Our friend Peggy Harkins, a pet groomer in Crockett, had been searching for a companion for our six year old Cocker Spaniel. Peggy was in Galveston to see some family members two weeks ago and brought Zoey back with her to Houston County. But then things changed. She and our other Cocker, Sassy, were playing just outside our home. We noticed an automobile parked at our driveway near the highway — and didn’t think it meant much. About thirty minutes later, Zoey came up missing. We searched the pastures, and the woods, and called our neighbors. Still no dog! About an hour and a half after Zoey went missing, my wife got a call from a lady who lives in Conroe. She had been to Houston County on business and on the way back home, she noticed Zoey on the highway just outside Lovelady. K eep in mind, Zoey was almost twenty miles from where she was kidnapped less than two hours before. The lady said Zoey was almost run over several times. She stopped and Zoey hopped in her car and the good citizen turned around and came...

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