“Merry Christmas”


The Messenger has been kind enough to let me express myself on a weekly basis.  For the life of me, I don’t know how all this started because I’m really not very talented and I’m surely not a very bright guy.  It amazes me when folks stop me on the street and tell me they like the column and I really do appreciate the positive feedback.  Life can be hard and if I can present something that brings a smile then I’m a happy camper.  This column will publish on Christmas day this year.  This old country boy can’t compete with all the wonderful Christmas articles and stores that will be expressed by our clergy and those so much more bright than me.

 In today’s politically correct society I’d just like to say that I believe in God and His son, Jesus.  There it is.  It’s simple. The reality is that it’s still fairly easy to be a Christian in our country.  I’m humbled by those Christians in countries where they are tormented and tortured in ways we can’t even imagine!  Would I be so bold to express my Christianity if I knew someone might come kill my family and lop off my head for expressing that?  Folks, I’m a former Marine and I’ve have squared off with the enemy but I don’t know if I have that kind of courage.  If my head was on a chopping block in Syria for example, would I have the courage to stand and face what Christians there today are facing?  Could I stand there and continue to profess my Christianity?

 What is really scary to me is that I know we in this country may not be so far from having to face that reality!  I was in combat intelligence in the Marine Corps in Vietnam I’ve stayed very interested in the business.  Make no mistake about it, our enemy is among us and doesn’t always have the face we expect.  Now we have imported to our shores thousands of sworn enemy.  They are Jihadists.

Even now, they don’t want you to pray to God in public, sing the National Anthem, have Nativity scenes, pledge allegiance to the flag, etc., etc.  They don’t want “In God
We Trust” on our currency and they don’t want prayer in school or public and they don’t want the Ten Commandments on our Courthouses.  Well, to hell with them!  This country was founded on Christian principles and if you don’t like that go away!

 This Christmas worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loudly and boldly!  Prepare to fight to preserve that right and remember that one of the reasons Vietnam fell is because those poor rural villagers and city dwellers had no weapons to protect themselves or fight for what they believed in.  We do!  Thankfully, we have the right to continue to express ourselves and that sources of information like thew Messenger have the courage to publish articles like this.  May God continue to bless Houston County and by the way, Merry Christmas!