The Houston County Commissioners Court has cast a questionable vote—this time at the expense of half the voters in the county. Seems the Court voted—unanimously–to establish a second early voting box in the county. Along with the courthouse in Crockett, the Court voted two weeks ago to add another in Lovelady. Both early voting boxes opened on October 24th and will be in use till November 4th. But what about the voters in the northern half the county? If they early vote most will have to drive many miles to Crockett to cast their vote. I asked both County Judge Erin Ford and Commissioner Gary Lovell why they did not establish a box in Grapeland, since that seems only fair. Both the judge and commissioner said they “didn’t think about it” when they voted to accommodate Lovelady.

As for the Houston County Republican party, the county chairperson, Joni Clonts, was asked “why”. She told the Republican precinct chair in Grapeland that the Lovelady box was added since a county commissioner in that area had an opponent. That is the only contested county race in the county. As if that should have made any difference! To make it more interesting, Commissioner Willie Kitchen, who represents part of northern Houston County, made the motion to put the early voting box in Lovelady—many miles from his precinct. Commissioner Kellum seconded his motion. Both the county judge and county commissioner Lovell told me this will “not happen again”. They both said if they had it do over, they would vote to add a third early voting box in the north part of our county. And I figure they will both be on their toes next time. Ah, politics reigns! That’s –30—