I’m terribly concerned neighbors! In less than a month we have to vote for a President of the United States. It’s come down to two choices. Well, three if you consider the Libertarian candidate but in reality he has no chance. So here we are with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I guess that unless something happens and Ted Cruz gets back in the race, I’ll have to vote for Mr. Trump. He sure is making it difficult. I could never vote for Hillary but I must admit that I wouldn’t walk across the street to share a bourbon drink with Donald Trump. I agree with a lot of his thoughts about the direction we need to go as a country but the way he expresses himself makes him about as popular as a pay toilet in a diaherra ward! With Ted Cruz we would be dealing with none of this and he would have beaten Hillary twice in debate. I sincerely believe the RNC hated Cruz because of his independence and honesty and that they have made their bed and now must sleep in it!

 So, what are we looking at here? We must look past these two candidates and focus on the future. Especially our national debt, our national security and the future of the Supreme Court. Obama has increased the national debt more than all other President’s and Hillary will continue the same. Obama has weakened our military and its ability to defend us. More of the same with Hillary and let’s not ever forget Benghazi. With the liberal Clinton as President we will see a very liberal thinking Supreme Court for a long time. Gun rights and religious freedom will be under attack for a long time. If you like the Democratic philosophy I suggest you watch the movie Dr. Zhivago!

 In Houston County we have only one contested race on this year’s ballot. Please don’t become disinterested. Please remember that your vote is about the future of our nation. This current President has divided us racially and socially more than anyone could have thought. He has weakened us militarily and has totally destabilized the Middle East. He’s offended our greatest allies including Great Brittan and Israel. He opened our borders and invited immigrants from ISIS territories with no plan to investigate their motives. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party will do more of the same. God Bless the USA, Houston County and our way of life. Folks, even the ability to say that simple phrase is under threat.