By Will Johnson

Messenger Reporter

CROCKETT – A meeting of the Crockett Independent Board of Trustees was held on Monday, Sept. 26 and was highlighted by board recognition of the CISD Maintenance Department and the acceptance of a grant in the amount of $880,000.

After the meeting was called to order by Board President Lela Wheeler, the first order of business was the hearing of public comments. Area resident Bob Grier had signed up to address the board and said, “I have a couple of questions, but I have to give you some material on the topic I have questions about. This has to do with bathroom usage at the schools. My question is whether Crockett Independent School District has a policy for using the restrooms by the boys and the girls?”

Executive Assistant Angela Fudge questioned if Grier had read the information about public comments and said, “You can talk to them and present, but as far as answering questions, at this time, they cannot.”

Superintendent Terry Myers commented, “While the board cannot answer any questions, I will. Here, in the district, we have a very broad, non-discrimination policy when it comes to issues like that. This issue you are talking about, the usage of restrooms – boys or girls – is not an issue at this time here in Crockett. If it ever does become an issue we will handle it on a case-by-case basis, based on our non-discrimination policy.”

Following the approval of the consent agenda, the superintendent provided his monthly report to the trustees. “In case you haven’t noticed tonight, I have a group of men here tonight, and I don’t know if it has become evident to this community or not, but it has certainly become evident to me in the way our campuses and the entire district look. These gentlemen here tonight, our Maintenance Department, have taken more pride in what they do than anyone I have seen around this entire area. If there is a piece of trash, they stop what they are doing and go pick it up. They keep the place mowed, they keep it clean and all we have to do is ask. These men are doing a great job in taking care of our school district.”

Board members Roy Johnson and Mo Amjad also commended the Maintenance Department for their efforts and expressed that they had each received several positive comments on the appearance of the district.

The next item on the agenda concerned the awarding of a grant to CISD. Assistant Superintendent Wendy Tullos said, “I want to start by saying the grant department – this is a team right here. It takes all of us and while I might be the project director on these grants, but this lady right here (Toni Nicol), I could not do it without her. We have been fishing (for grants) a lot and there have been a few we haven’t been successful in getting, but we don’t quit. I’m going to let her have the glory of telling you what we got.”

Nicol explained, “We have not received our NOGA (notice of grant award), which states if we received everything we applied for and what we have received. What we do know for a fact is that we received the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Grant – the IAL grant – similar to what we received about four years ago. This took our libraries from the 1960s to 1996, and this grant will hopefully take us into 2016. We are pretty excited about that. We do know for year one, we will bring in over $400,000 and we are hoping to get over $850,000 for the two year grant program.”

The campus accountability ratings were also discussed during the board meeting. The Crockett High School campus received a rating of “Met Standard.” The CHS Index One (Student Achievement) target score was 60 and the campus received an 80. The CHS Index Two (Student Progress) target score was 17 and the campus received a 28. The CHS Index Three (Closing Performance Gaps) target score was 30 and the campus received a 46. The CHS Index Four (Postsecondary Readiness) target score was 60 and the campus received an 80.

The CHS campus also received two distinctions. The first distinction was in science and the second distinction was in being in the top 25 percent for closing the performance gap.

The Piney Woods AEC of Choice campus received a rating of “Met Standard.” The AEC Index One target score was 35 and the campus received a 38. The AEC Index Two target score was 8 and the campus received a 17. The AEC Index Three target score was 13 and the campus received a 19. The AEC Index Four target score was 33 and the campus received a 93.

The Crockett Junior High School campus received a rating of “Met Standard.” The CJHS Index One target score was 60 and the campus received a 61. The CJHS Index Two target score was 30 and the campus received a 34. The CJHS Index Three target score was 26 and the campus received a 30. The CJHS Index Four target score was 13 and the campus received a 24.

The CJHS campus also received a distinction for social studies.

In other matters brought before the CISD Board of Trustees:

  • Resolutions naming CISD Superintendent Terry Myers and CISD Business Manager Gail Hanson as the district investment officers were approved.
  • The purchase of a new special needs bus was approved.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding between CISD and Houston Serenity Place Academy, a waiver for Serenity Place Academy and the school calendar for Serenity Place Academy were all approved.
  • Campus and district parent improvement policies as well as campus and district improvement plans were also approved.

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